Ouali Benmeziane

Inspiring Entrepreneur Helping People Learn Digital

I am about to get busy

Ouali is the Founder of WebCongress.com, also works hard in educating people & Businesses. Just started his foundation to teach #digital to kids.

  • Digital Marketing Training

    +10 years experience teaching digital marketing strategies & tech trends to people. Universities, Online or In-company. Serious about learning?

  • Innovation Consulting

    From startups to multi-million dollars business, Ouali help people get rid of the box and find innovative solutions to their daily challenges.

  • Speaker anything Tech

    Impress the crowd, get Ouali in your speaker line-up and you are sure to get entertaining talks, latest industry insights and inspiring content at your next conference.

  • Foundation

    WALLE Foundation aims to help kids in danger learn technology and have a brighter future. If you want to support contact Ouali today!

  • Help me Help you.


    Ouali Benmeziane CEO & Founder of WebCongress inc.